Is Your Research Network in ‘Set It and Forget It’ Mode?

For CRAs and background screening companies, success depends on your ability to deliver quality data, quickly and affordably. The research network you turn to is the linchpin to success. A tightly-controlled, well managed network will consistently deliver as expected. Conversely, a poorly-managed or neglected network will eventually show its weaknesses. The question is, will those weaknesses reveal themselves in ways that will hurt people, turn away business, and cut into your profitability?

If you’re in ‘set it and forget it’ mode the answer is, sooner or later it will…

CRAs are only as good as their research networks, and yet for some, the approach is ‘set it and forget it’. Those in this mode will find a vendor for a particular jurisdiction and that vendor becomes the go-to source with little regard for whether the vendor is truly keeping pace with expectations. Only when a mistake or oversight is made does the CRA look for a replacement.

Without continual monitoring and improvement, small problems can go unnoticed and become big ones. In the screening industry, where quality of data and turnaround times make the difference, CRAs must leverage the best research network possible. In many instances, CRAs really don’t have the staffing or expertise to operate a research network. In turn, they rely on their partners for this.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we have made it our mission to build and continually improve our criminal research network through our in-house and field researchers as well as our vendor partners. Our aim is to have the absolute best network of researchers across the country at any given moment. Meaning, the researchers we have in place today will only be the researchers we have in place tomorrow if they consistently meet our standards for quality. We are continually improving our network based on metrics and performance data to ensure we have the best possible network every single day.

For CRAs, the opportunity to utilize our best in class research network is a huge benefit. When you send us your searches this is exactly what you get.


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