How We Got Rid of the Black Box in the Background Screening Industry

The end of the supply chain has long been considered a black box in the background screening industry. CRAs send an order to the research provider and have no certain timeframe or visibility into when they will receive the order back. This ‘black box’ creates a cascade of problems when it comes to managing client expectations.

When we formed Wholesale Screening Solutions, it was founded on two core principles:

  1. The black box is the biggest barrier to a successful relationship between providers and CRAs.
  2. CRAs should expect more and better from their public records researcher.

Our goal was to open this black box and provide greater transparency to our customers. With the introduction of FuseOS last year, we officially reached this goal and achieved much more.

Making TATs Transparent

Our FuseOS operating system offers complete transparency into the key performance indicators that drive our customer’s ability to manage their client expectations and business results. What does this really mean? It means, whether a customer is interfacing with FuseOS through our modern API or they are interacting directly via the FuseOS dashboard, they have a clear view of where each order is in the system, how long it has been in process, and when it is expected to be delivered.

Building in Reliability and Predictability

Giving our customers a view into turnaround times is only valuable if those turnaround times are accurate and reliable. They can only be reliable if they are predictable. That’s why the FuseOs system includes predictive analytics and machine learning. Fuse captures data points about every order, organizes those data points, and uses them to accurately predict how soon an order in each county, from a given courthouse, or by a given researcher will be completed. With each order, FuseOS becomes smarter and TATs become more accurate.

Further, to maintain predictability, the FuseOS system is able to load balance and route orders to the right researchers, trained in the appropriate jurisdictions, based on their available schedule and workload capacity. This routing system ensures that we match our resource availability to the needs of our clients so we can consistently meet those predicted and expected turnaround times.

With the power of FuseOS, we have met our goal of opening the black box. Now our CRA customers can focus on the customer/candidate experience instead of investing in an interface for their suppliers to give them the data they need. It’s a win-win.

About Wholesale Screening Solutions

Wholesale Screening Solutions is the go-to source of vital data for employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation service providers nationwide. Combining innovative technology and deep human insight, Wholesale Screening delivers unique value to enable better, more efficient decision making and greater compliance.