Forklifts and Background Checks: Q&A with Our COO, Dan Agee

Wholesale’s Chief Operating Officer, Dan Agee, Explains How a Manufacturing Mindset Drives Better Data Quality This month begins a series of “Inside Wholesale” interviews with some of the key folks at Wholesale Screening Solutions. The first interviewee is our chief operating officer and the person who keeps a watch on the data that enables us […]

The Problem of Disappearing PII

When performing a background check on a prospective employee, what is the most important piece of information found on each criminal record? Is it the charges and their severity? Is it the filing or offense date which tells you if the record is within scope? Is it the disposition that tells you how the offender was […]

Trust in the Relationship between Wholesaler and Supplier

In the background screening industry, trust is the name of the game; from where the chain begins with the prospective employee, to where it ends with the boots on the ground researchers. All parties involved must have a mutual trust of one another. Within that chain is the trust between a wholesaler and their external […]

Managing Expectations

This is the first of a series of blog posts aiming to increase the transparency of our processes, articulate our deep subject matter expertise, and reveal our culture of continuous improvement to our customers and the screening marketplace at large.