Is Your Research Network in ‘Set It and Forget It’ Mode?

For CRAs and background screening companies, success depends on your ability to deliver quality data, quickly and affordably. The research network you turn to is the linchpin to success. A tightly-controlled, well managed network will consistently deliver as expected. Conversely, a poorly-managed or neglected network will eventually show its weaknesses. The question is, will those […]

Continuous Improvement: Process Engineering and the Background Screening Industry

We continue our ongoing series of “Inside Wholesale” interviews with a recap of our interview with VP of Vendor Management and Process Engineering, Carl Cogdill. Carl oversees the Wholesale Screening Solutions research network to ensure we deliver the most accurate information in the shortest possible time. He also leads the company’s process engineering efforts, where […]

Technology and the Background Screening Industry: Q&A with our Chief Technology Officer, David Lowers

This month continues our ongoing series of “Inside Wholesale,” interviews with some of the key folks at Wholesale Screening Solutions. Here we recap an interview with our Chief Technology Officer, David Lowers. He is responsible for ensuring our technology strategy stays ahead of client needs and that our operating system continues to lead the industry. […]

3 Ways We Put People at the Heart of Customer Service

Earlier this month we sat down with our Director of Account Management, Bryan Snow, about the concept of partnership-level customer service. He explained how we define and deliver a high level of service to our clients. Specifically, he described how Wholesale Screening Solutions recently set out to revamp the way our customer service and account […]

Does Your Public Records Research Provider Help or Hinder Your Compliance Efforts?

Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) have seen their roles and responsibilities transform in recent years as a more litigious, more highly-regulated, and increasingly complex compliance environment has officially taken shape. Compliance requirements are significant and stakes are high as regulators, employers, and employees each strive to create equal employment opportunity and safe workplaces. While not on […]

Talking Compliance with Wholesale’s Compliance Pros, Vince Pascarella and Gregg Hyde

Increasingly, compliance at the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) level requires a partnership with a wholesale public records research provider who understands the compliance environment CRAs face. For insight, and to learn how Wholesale Screening Solutions supports CRAs in meeting their compliance requirements, we spoke to Vince Pascarella and Gregg Hyde. Vince is Wholesale Screening Solutions’ […]